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DIY/ Assembled
Key Features
SLC Free 2
$45 w/o sensor,  $95 w/ sensor
Linear, Narrowband 
Mostly Assembled
Lowest cost Wideband O2 Controller
Spartan 2
$75 w/o sensor, $125 w/ sensor
Linear, Narrowband
Lowest cost fully assembled Wideband O2 Controller. 2 yr warranty
$299 single Wideband O2 config w/ sensor
Phone & Tablet
Wifi, Linear, Narrowband
Full featured data-logging capabilities. Phone/tablet connectivity. Upto 2 Wideband O2 Controllers. 2 yr warranty
$249 single Wideband O2 config w/ sensor
CAN bus
Communicates with MegaSquirt 2/3 over CAN bus. Upto 8 Wideband O2 Controllers. 2 yr warranty


If you are looking for the lowest cost Wideband O2 Controller and you can solder 4 connectors then you want SLC Free 2. SLC Free 2 includes everything except the cable, all connectors and contacts are inlcuded.


If you do not know what you want, then you probably want Spartan 2. Spartan 2 is a basic Wideband O2 Controller, it is designed to be low cost, reliable, and easy to use. Spartan 2 is a good fit for an aftermarket ECU such as MegaSquirt. The Linear Output is compatible with Solid AFR as well as most Wideband gauges on the market


iDash is a full featured data-logger with a huge number of sensor inputs. It is available with single or dual integrated Wideband O2 Controllers. iDash's best feature is it's wifi connectivity and built-in webserver which allows any phone or tablet to be used as a display. If you already have a means for data-logging and you do not need to display multiple sensor inputs, then Spartan 2 with Solid AFR gauge is probably a better solution.


If you have a MegaSquirt 2 or 3 then MegaSpartan is the product you want. MegaSpartan communicates with MegaSquirt over digital CAN bus so ground offsets and noise has no effect on the accuracy of the Wideband O2 measurement. MegaSpartan is available with up to 8 integrated Wideband O2 Controllers for per-bank or per-cylinder Wideband O2 measurement. If you are pushing the limits of your engine with MegaSquirt then MegaSpartan is worth the price premium over a product like Spartan 2. The quality and quantity of Wideband O2 data provided by MegaSpartan to MegaSquirt is far superior to any other solution on the market.

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