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Maximizing Accuracy between 14Point7 Wideband Controllers and Megasquirt 2023

This is an update to my original blog post This article will demonstrate how to use the Output Sequencer feature of 14Point7 wideband controllers to maximize accuracy between the wideband controller and your Megasquirt ECU when using the analog interface. If you are using Spartan 3 and interfacing to Megasquirt via digital CAN Bus then the you do not need the Output Sequencer feature.This article is applicable to most 14Point7 Wideband controllers including, Spartan 2, Spartan 2 OEM, Spartan 3 Lite, and Spartan 3 if you are not using CAN Bus. Theory of Operation When a wideband controller is first..  - Read More

Analog vs Digital Wideband Controller

One of my competitors claim that their wideband controllers are digital because of the way their controller drives the lambda sensor Pump Cell. Their wideband controller is digital and it has nothing to do with how the Pump Cell is driven. The difference between analog and digital is how math is done, You can do math with analog circuitry and in the early to mid 90s opamps, operational amplifiers, were the Arduino of it's time and thus math was done using opamps for cheap electronic goods. All wideband controllers on the market today are digital except perhaps controllers built around..  - Read More

Bosch LSU 4.9 vs Bosch LSU ADV

The Bosch LSU ADV is arguably the successor to the popular Bosch LSU 4.9 and brings many minor upgrades such as; ~15% increase in Lambda accuracy, slightly higher maximum temperature tolerance, more optimized vents for better exhaust flow into and out of the sensor, smaller heater and lower thermal mass. The biggest upgrade that the ADV sensor brings is that it does not require a calibration resistor for ~0.01 Lambda accuracy because the sensor is made precisely. The 4.9 is made less precisely than the ADV and each sensor is then tested and a bespoke lazer cut resistor is installed into..  - Read More

Maximizing Accuracy between Spartan 2 and Megasquirt

There is a companion video available here In this article I will be discussing and demonstrating how to maximize accuracy (or minimizing errors) when interfacing your Spartan Lambda Controller 2 to your MegaSquirt ECU. I will be utilizing the Output Sequencer feature on Spartan 2 to achieve maximium accuracy, this article is applicable to any of my lambda controllers which have the Output Sequencer feature, this includes Spartan1, Spartan2, and SLC Gauge. Spartan 2 like most other Wideband Oxygen Controllers will interface to Megasquirt via a 0 to 5 volt analog output. The output on Spartan 2’s linear output is..  - Read More

News for December 2014

Give 10 promotion extended to Dec 2014 Spartan 2 released, utilizes all Automotive grade(AEC  Q100 qualified) High temperature (-40C to 125C) components, LSU 4.9 support, Temperature display LED. SLC PP2.1 released, now updated to support the Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband sensor iDash now updated to support the Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband sensor  - Read More

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