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Ultra Air Fuel Controller

by 14Point7
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Take control of your fuel — affordably

Get that perfect engine tune you were always looking for without breaking the bank.
UAFC is a highly tuneable piggyback fuel management unit that is easy to install, easy to use and compatible with most vehicles.

  • Get tuneability that rivals high end aftermarket ECUs with UAFC's 16x16 (Engine Load vs. RPM) Fuel Correction Tables.
  • Get unrivaled flexibility with UAFC's enormous memory storage —enough memory to store 3 complete tunes and the ability to switch between tunes on the fly with a press of a button.
  • Get the vital engine data you need for that perfect tune — with UAFC's two 0 to 5 volt data-logging inputs and enough onboard memory for 30 minutes of data-log storage without a PC connection.
  • Get the smoothest tuning experience around with UAFC's simple 4-wire installation, powerful PC tuning software, and USB connectivity.

UAFC is compatible with any vehicle that has a MAP/MAF sensor that outputs an analog voltage that is proportional to Pressure/Air Flow.

14Point7 stands behind this product with a warranty that is twice as long as any competing product. With an unrivaled 60 day money back guarantee, you can buy with confidence and know that you are getting the absolute best.

*UAFC will not work with Karman Vortex type Air Flow sensors; which outputs a frequency signal proportional to air flow.


UAFC offers tuneability that rivals that of an expensive aftermarket ECU with a 16x16 Fuel Correction Table (Engine Load vs RPM)
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With enough memory to store 3 complete sets of tunes, and the ability to switch between tunes instantly - transform your engine from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde and back again in the blink of an eye
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USB connectivity means easy and convenient tuning through our windows tuning software
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Built in memory for storing up to 30 minutes of datalogs - without a PC connection
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Built in RPM input, 0[RPM] to 25000[RPM]
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Dual 0 to 5[V] analog inputs — UAFC is not only a great fuel management unit, but also a great data-logger as well
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A Two-Year Warranty that is twice as long as any competing product
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60 day money back guarantee



"I was looking for a low cost product to replace my Apexi AFC and UAFC was perfect, it worked great on my 1998 honda civic"  
JJ. snide, satisfied UAFC customer

"My 99 Miata had some basic upgrades and I needed to add a bit more fuel to get the most out of my mods without breaking the bank, UAFC came to my rescue"
O. Browne, satisfied UAFC customer

"I added a 50 shot of nitrous to my Stang and used UAFC to manage my fueling needs with great success"
K. Shah, satisfied UAFC customer

Software and Documentation
Package Contents
  • UAFC unit
  • 8 position pluggable screw terminal block
  • fuse holder
  • 2x 1A fuse (replacement included)
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