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Sigma Lambda Controller DIY 2

by 14Point7
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SLC DIY 2 is a low cost version of our best selling SLC PP2 Wideband O2 Controller. 

SLC DIY 2 includes all the features of SLC PP2 except:

  • Premade cables - you must make your own cables; all cable components including cable are included in every SLC DIY purchase
  • Machined backplate - only affects aesthetics when looking at the unit from behind
  • Onboard memory for data-log storage, data-logging requires a PC connection
  • Warranty
  • Money Back guarantee

All SLC DIY2 kits are complete, no additional parts are required.


SLC DIY2 utilizes the Bosch LSU 4.2 Wideband O2 Sensor - a cost efficient Wideband O2 sensor providing 0.01 Lambda accuracy, fast response, and rated life of 100,000 km
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Compatible with all fuel types
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Ultra wide AFR/Lambda range, 0.68[Lambda] to 100[Lambda], 10[AFR] to 100[AFR] equivalent for gasoline


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0.01 Lambda accuracy without the need for any calibration
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Although not required (or recommended), Free Air Calibration is supported
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O2 Sensor Temperature Monitor
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Did you know that the most common cause of inaccuracies and premature O2 sensor failure is attributed to the O2 sensor temperature being improperly controlled? Only 14Point7 branded Wideband O2 Controllers are able to monitor O2 sensor temperature
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Programmable Linear Output allows easy interfacing with gauges, fuel management systems, and data-loggers
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Our innovative Output Sequencer feature means our Wideband O2 Controllers to have the most accurate Linear Output on the market. You can be sure that any device connected to the Linear Output will receive the most accurate AFR/Lambda signal possible
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The Output Sequencer provides a dual level precision voltage signal to the Linear Output. This allows you to easily check that the AFR/Lambda seen by any device connected to the Linear Output is accurate, and if not, to generate a 2 point calibration to achieve perfect accuracy
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Programmable Simulated Narrowband Output allows you to install a Wideband O2 Sensor in place of your Narrowband O2 sensor
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Built in Multi Parameter Display of AFR/Lambda, Boost, Exhaust Gas Temperature,Intake Air Temperature, Fluid Temperature, Fuel Pressure, and Oil Pressure
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Native USB connectivity means no more fooling around with expensive and unreliable USB-to-Serial converters
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Built in RPM Pickup - 0[RPM] to 10000[RPM]
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Exhaust Gas Temperature probe input, 0[F] to 2500[F], 0[C] to 1400[C]
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Boost/Vacuum sensor input, 0[PSI] to 44[PSI], -30[Hg] to 88[Hg]
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Intake Air Temperature sensor input, 0[F] to 300[F], 0[C] to 150[C]
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Fuel Pressure sensor input, 0[PSI] to 150[PSI], 0[Hg] to 250[Hg]
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Oil Pressure sensor input, 0[PSI] to 150[PSI], 0[Hg] to 250[Hg]
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Fluid Temperature sensor input, 0[F] to 300[F], 0[C] to 150[C]
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Dual 0-5 Volt inputs



"SLC PP2 has so many features at a very good price, I am a happy customer" 
D. Browne, satisfied SLC PP2 customer

"Great value, amazing product, unbeatable price"
H. Lilly, satisfied SLC PP2 customer

"Having owned other more expensive widebands in the past, SLC PP2 is by far my favorite"
R. Kirche, satisfied SLC PP2 customer

Software and Documentation
Package Contents
  • Case
  • Display panel
  • 6ft 6-conductor Wideband O2 sensor cable + connector + contacts + heat shrink
  • 4ft 4-conductor power cable + connector + contacts
  • 4ft 8-conductor auxiliary cable + connector + contacts
  • 4ft 5-conductor auxiliary cable
  • 2x fuse holder
  • 2x 5 Amp fuse (replacement included)
  • 2x 500mA fuse (replacement included) 
  • Stainless steel O2 bung
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