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Latest Software and Documentation

Spartan 3 Documentation:
Spartan 3 User Manual
Interfacing Spartan 3 to MegaSquirt 3
Interfacing Multiple Spartan 3 to MegaSquirt 3
Spartan 3 to Link G4
Spartan 3 to Torque Pro for Android
Spartan 3 Extended CAN Format

Spartan 3 Firmware:
When downgrading firmware, run the "MEMRESET" serial command after the firmware downgrade.

Spartan 3 Firmware 1.04
Spartan 3 Firmware 1.05
Spartan 3 Firmware 1.06
Spartan 3 Firmware 1.07
Spartan 3 Firmware 1.08
Spartan 3 Firmware 1.09

Spartan 3 Lite:
Spartan 3 Lite v2 User Manual

Spartan 3 and Spartan 3 Lite:
Spartan 2, Spartan 3, and Spartan 3 Lite, Output Sequencer calibration with Megasquirt: Microsoft Excel worksheet
Spartan 3 and Spartan 3 Lite for Lean Burn and Oxygen Metering Applications

Wideband Modules:
Spartan 2 OEM Documentation (Includes Arduino I2C Example Code)
Spartan 3 Lite OEM User Manual
Spartan 3 OEM User Manual

Solid AFR Gauge User Manual

SLC Free:
SLC Free 2 User Manual
SLC Free 2 Source Code and PCB files
SLC Free Source Code and PCB files

Legacy Support:

Spartan 2 User Manual(succeeded by Spartan 3 Lite v2)
Spartan 3 Lite User Manual (succeeded by Spartan 3 Lite v2)
Spartan 3 ADV User Manual (legacy 2019 product)
Interfacing Spartan 3 ADV to MegaSquirt 3 (legacy 2019 product)
Spartan 3 ADV Firmware 1.11 (legacy 2019 product)
Spartan 3 ADV to Link G4 (legacy 2019 product)
SLC OEM Documentation
Solid EGT Gauge User Manual
Solid Boost/Vac Gauge User Manual iDash User Manual
iDash Software + Documentation 
Winlog; only for 14Point7 products
Auxiliary Sensor Specifications
SLC PP2.1 Serial Data Format
SLC PP2/DIY2 Serial Data Format UAFC User Manual
MegaSpartan User Manual
SLC Free Manual
UAFC Software + Documentation
SLC Software + Documentation for SLC PP2.1, SLC PP2, SLC DIY2, SLC PP1, SLC DIY1 
SLC Gauge User Manual
Spartan Lambda Sensor User Manual
Spartan Lambda Controller User Manual
SLC PP2 User Manual
SLC PP2 Chinese User Manual
JAW Software + Documentation
NAW 7S Software + Documentation
NAW OEM Software + Documentation


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